Monday, 2 July 2012

Summer Sew Along Complete x2 :)


Well it makes a change for me as I actually completed a sew along in time! Here is the finished products: Yes I done two (and a half if you count the jacket I started which in now in my ufo pile)

2012_07_01_1369     2012_07_01_1392

I have done these properly, all seams were serged and finished in a French seam. So they look as good as the real thing. The rose print top has a plain black back as I felt the print was a bit too much for me.

The pattern was self drafted. I literally took an old favourite and traced round it. First time I have ever done it and now have a stack of simple summer tops to try it with!

2012_06_30_1352     2012_06_30_1356


Here is a few more in construction pics and I now have two more summer tops. Yay me.


2012_07_01_1359   2012_07_01_1371   2012_07_01_1375   2012_07_01_1384   2012_07_01_1385

I’m really pleased with the turnout inside and out, I even added a little pocket on this one.

2012_07_01_1388   2012_07_01_1391   2012_07_01_1393   2012_07_01_1397


Hope everyone has a great week sewing. xxx