Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Trio of dresses done for my troublesome Princess :)

Well 3 out of 4 aint bad!

NewLook 6118

A long while ago Louise picked out her own pattern and Fabric from Ashley Brooks and I have only just got around to sewing them (bad mummy). 

IMG_0563  image image   IMG_0448  

Nice and simple pattern, great for the summer. These are the three fabrics Louise picked, I had the pink ditsy print in my bag from a previous visit. The muslin was nice and easy to put together. The first dress (pink ditsy with trim) I left out the buttons due to my fear of button holes….Not a good move!!!

IMG_0463   IMG_0487a   IMG_0503   IMG_0504 

So here we have my first ever attempt at button holes. My machine has a 3 step button hole setting but the sides come out different so I had to redo one side on a smaller stich size to make them look the same.  Second time round I got better but not paying attention too my measuring I made the top ones bigger (whoops). The gathering was nice and simple, used 2 basting stiches and pulled. I was also very impressed with the neatness of the neck and arm lines when lining is used.

IMG_0545   IMG_0547   IMG_0555

All straight seams were French seams I am so impressed as its the first time I have done “real” ones :) I also used a long strip of fabric as bias type binding to hide the join at the waistband and stop it irritating Louise's skin. She is a happy bunny.


Its reportedly going to hit 28 degrees tomorrow here in the UK so she might just get a chance to wear them out! Now onto my dresses *big grin*


  1. Wow your baby has such a fashion sense! Those dresses look lovely. Great job!

  2. They all look fantastic - what a lucky girl!

  3. Thank you so much for your comments ladies.