Thursday, 10 May 2012

Yay Yay Yay Jersey Dress Finished

**DISCLAIMER** The following pictures were taken with the aid of my 4yr old daughter so please excuse the poor focus in some and I also HATE having my picture taken :o)


This dress has been in my to do pile since I brought the fabric back in February and I am so please its finished.


The fabric itself is a very very stretchy jersey fabric. I had to use a pattern specifically for knits/jerseys as I have never sewn with it before and was unsure. I did run into a few problems but needless to say it turned out ok in the end.

I used Project Runway 2883 and after reading the reviews and doing a bit of research I decided to modify the pattern by adding 2.5 inches to the bodice and shortening the skirt so the gathering was on my waist not under my bust (it really would have looked like a maternity dress on me).

IMG_0187   I paid less than £1.60 for this little beauty on eBay!

My biggest problem was gathering the fabric. I don't have a gathering foot yet so I done it using two lines of long stitching. This part was fine but trying to stitch the gathers in place was near on impossible for me and bloody well frustrating. I ended up going round the skirt/bodice join and tried to manually gather as i stitched which got most of the gathering secured. Then I tried the dress on and realised that the stitching would not hold with the stretch of the fabric…I wanted to cry by this point!

IMG_0177 so I decided to use elastic….


I dont know what made me think of it but I thought it would be more secure, give the waist line more definition and help with the gathering issue. It did thankfully (I would not have want to unpick all that zigzag stitching lol)

 IMG_0184 This is the view from the front so I was relatively pleased with the outcome.


The seams were nice and easy. I just used a basic fold over hem on the neck, arms  and hem  being careful not to stretch the material and the great thing is you can hardly see the stitching.

Below is the front and back as the dress is un-accessorised.



And me being silly because my four yr old was getting the hump with pressing the shutter button lol!



  1. Yvette, that is a very flattering dress on you! yay for jersey dresses!

  2. I think your 4yo has talent!

    Dress looks great Yvette, you're certainly kicking some dressmaking ass!!

  3. Great dress - and good photo skills of your daughter too!

  4. Thank you so much for all your comments :) They really do mean so much.