Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Shopping Trip

Well I spent all of yesterday on the internet researching projects for a beginner. I have bided on one too many patterns from the delightful eBay website and and downloaded numerous amount of free patterns from Burda Style's website so thought I was ready to go.

A trip to my local fabric shops showed me I was far from ready to go. I had no idea of what material I wanted or how much! The good thing was they sell second hand patterns (all unused but with no envelopes) so I purchased a few along with a guesstimate of 3 yards in a cheap black cotton fabric to play with.

I then had to hit HobbyCraft to get chalk, tape measure, seam ripper....had the idea that may come in handy and of course being a woman I spent far too much on things I probably didn't need *does little excited dance and massive smile*

When I got back I managed to print off the pattern covers and all the guide info and shoved them into some envelopes to keep them in one place.

Surely I must be ready to make clothes now? :)

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