Friday, 24 February 2012

Colette: Meringue Finished

Well I have finally finished the Meringue skirt (behind schedule I know but I am getting there) and I have to say despite adjusting the muslin and the pattern it has still turned out a tad too big. I made a slight balls up on the zip and need to practice the scallops but once I have taken it in more at the waist it will be wearable :)

I have posted my pics here, comments and tips are more than welcome.

Here we have the finished garment, not to bad to be honest for someone of my level.

I had huge issues with the scallops so I followed a tutorial on perfect scallops by Pattern Scissors Cloth adding interface to make the material easier to work with and voila.

I double topstitched the scallops too.

As you can see I made a complete mess of this, the zip was place too low, the seam did not quite meet with the zip and I accidently managed to put the seam ripper through the material when unstitching the zip the first time round!

Despite precise marking, checking and pinning of the darts one of them runs off slightly to the side but this is not too much of a problem and doesn't notice too much.

The back darts came out fine!

Once I have reduced the waist in size I will post a picture of me actually wearing the skirt.

Now onto the next project and I'd best knuckle down and get it done :)


  1. Thank you Lynne. I have just spent the weekend making it smaller and redoing the zip I now looks much better this is the final version ( x