Monday, 20 February 2012

Over and Out or Cut and Hem???

Firstly I would like to say I promise I am working on my Meringue skirt :)

However my new toy has arrived:

I will be honest and say as a beginner I am reluctant to purchase an overlocker (and am shocked at the price of them) so I had a look at some alternatives. There are a few 'cheap' portable overlockers but they didn't come to highly recommended but my Mum managed to find this on eBay.

I thought I would give it a go as I have material that is fraying quicker than I can make the skirt!

She was a little tricky to get on the first time and god help me when I loose my threads...very little room underneath when fully raised.

This is the finished result of my practice. Not bad for an attachment costing less than £20. I know they are not perfect but at least I can finish my seams with the knowledge they wont be unravelling beneath me!
I tried a few different tensions to see what was best this is the back view I think (got them a bit mixed up as you do)!

Right back off to finish my skirt :) xx


  1. Actually, that is pretty clever! Not bad for an attachment...I hsve never seen anything like that. Good buy!

    1. Thank you Lynne, it really is a good little find and for a beginner or anyone on a budget this is ideal to start with.