Thursday, 8 March 2012

Finished Pastille (Sort of anyway)

Well I have finished the Colette Pastille Dress and although it's OK I am quite disappointed with it. Maybe I am jumping ahead of myself expecting my projects to come out perfect but for the time it took they should do!

From the front it looks passably fine (the second picture in was not cropped in proportion it does not look that frumpy!) however, I did adjust both the front and back for a short waist but it appears the front is shorter than the back :/ The back has a bit of surplus material in the width which confused me as the muslin was a nice fit.

I adjusted the neckline to make it more low cut and rounded but have no idea what went wrong as it looked so nice when it was just pressed and prior to adding the interfacing. I think its safe to say me and interfacing just do not get on!

To hide the dodgy neckline I have decided to add a peter pan collar after seeing Adventures In Dressmaking's tutorial here. I will be making this tonight hopefully!

As for the back I am finding the neck comes up to high at the back, the sleeves really do not suit me and make me look all out of proportion and I have excess fabric which I am not too sure what to do with. I am dreading taking out the zip as I sewed it on the smallest stitch and I just know the fabric will rip :(

The bodice (the bit I was actually concerned about) came out fine! all seams and darts lined up lovely. Excuse the light coloured marks, my iron came off the pressing cloth so the shine is reflecting the light!

The pleats worked out fine, I added in an extra one to bring them all the way down as I just prefer them this way.

I really want to start on the Truffle dress and catch up with the sew along but I also want to make this one perfect so I can wear it out and about. So the plan for tonight after I have designed a poster for my PTA group is to unpick the zip and remove excess fabric and the back of the neck, remove the cap sleeves and refit the shoulders and add a peter pan collar! Wonder how much I will actually get done? :(


  1. The problem is not you, the pattern is a bit faulty. I found that the back was too long in the area between bottom of cap sleeve and waist and that was why the neck came up so high. See examples here.

  2. I wish I had seen this! I will definitely be making a properly fitted muslin for the Truffle dress! Thank you.