Monday, 5 March 2012

Louise picks her 1st lot of material

So I took my little one Louise (age 4) to the fabric shop with me. Ashley Brooks in Romford Marketplace (or now known as the Romford Shopping Mall) are really good with her and don't mind her sitting down behind their counter out the way while I browse and procrastinate over fabrics!

I asked her to pick some fabric she liked for her summer wardrobe and here we have her choices all priced at £2.40p/m and perfect for the hopefully hot summer.

I was very happy with her choices however I was thinking dresses and she has asked for skirts which would be easier but then I will have to match them with tops!!!! 


  1. how fun! I'm so with you in that spring couldn't come sooner! I'm sick and tired of the cold!

  2. Thanks Madalynne, everytime the weather gets warmer here it turns cold again :( Heres to the sunshine when it gets here for good!