Friday, 9 March 2012

Sew Colette: Pastille Finished Finally.

Ok So I have now finally finished my Pastille Dress and it is well and truly wearable (just need to wait for some warmer weather)

I am off to do the school run now but I will post a pic to twitter and Flicker later of me wearing the dress once I set my camera up and find where I put my tripod.

So here is the final dress. Due to the disasters I had I have had to make a few alterations.
1. I added an extra pleat to the bottom of the skirt for personal preference.
2. I had to cover the neckline with a peter pan collar and I used Suzannah's tutorial to do this.
3. I removed the cap sleeves and converted them to basic short sleeves.

Now onwards to the truffle dress :) x


  1. Super cute! I love your version, it looks so wearable.

    1. Thank you Chrissy. I just hope it gets warmer soon :)

  2. You are doing really well, looks good

  3. Wow - I much prefer this dress with the collar and without the sleeves! Great idea!! I feel that the Pastille as designed always looks a bit unfinished (I just want to put a midriff or a belt on it! same with the truffle) but your changes make the dress look way more like an outfit! Well done!!