Saturday, 10 March 2012

In the flesh!

Ok so I really dont photograph well but here is me wearing my Pastille dress :)

It is really frustrating as what I see and what the camera can see are obviously two different things!

As you can see below it is still slight roomy in the upper back but not as much as before. I will definitely be wearing this once it warms up a bit.

By the way in the rear shot the dress is not wonky I obviously don't have the ability to stand straight!!!


  1. It's a lovely color on you. I wish I could wear brown, but it never looks right on me. You're making me want to make more dresses!

  2. I can pull of very neutral colours but have issues with bold colours and patterns which makes me very jealous of people that can wear anything lol(and makes me feel a tad boring)! I will be making loads more dresses for me and my lil one as spring is nearly here and summer will be round the corner :)Yay

  3. you crack me up! You did an amazing job so jealous, one day when the kids are out of diapers and sticking things in their mouths I want to get back to sewing!

  4. Thank you Sarah, my LO is four now and we have an arrangement, I can sew during the day as long as she can play with what ever toys she wants and makes as much mess as she wants but only for an hour! I do most of my sewing after 7 when she is in bed though! You'll be back to sewing before you know it. :)